About Us

Global School Partners Kenya Chapter currently has Partner Schools in Australia, each partnered with a Kenyan School.

The aim is to become redundant in the sense that the Kenyan school is a self-sustaining, thriving place of learning. We call this graduation for the Kenyan school and means that they no longer have a partner school in Australia but are still part of the GSP Family and receive GSP Programs, including student scholarships.

We are seeking more global Schools as we have many schools in Kenya waiting for partners.

All GSP Kenyan Partners must sign a Memorandum of Understanding with GSP.

NOTE: If you are a Kenyan school interested in becoming a partner school please view the process here.

Our Kenyan schools:

Alimo Academy partnered with Canberra Girls Grammar School, ACT

Canberra Sunshine Academy – This school is our first graduate!

Charcha Kiomanga Academy partnered with St Thomas the Apostle Primary School, ACT

Evaland Hekima Academy partnered with Holy Trinity Primary School, ACT

Excellence Academy partnered with Mother Teresa’s Primary School, ACT

LynPark Academy / Garthill Education Centre partnered with St John Vianney Primary School, ACT 

Gesore Preparatory School partnered with St Benedict’s Primary School, ACT

Jariah Education Centre partnered with St Michael’s Primary School, ACT

Joe Maths Academy partnered with St Monica’s Primary School, ACT

Kerobe Joybright Academy partnered with Latham Primary, ACT

Mwamba Mixed Primary School partnered with Banksia Road Primary School, NSW

Obwari Academy partnered with Holy Spirit Primary School, ACT

Obwororo Academy partnered with Amaroo School, ACT

Precious Talents Academy partnered with Majura Primary School, ACT

Riamabana Orphanage Academy partnered with St Joseph’s Primary School, ACT

Riamajeshi Bright Start Academy partnered with Canberra Boys Grammar, Garran House, ACT

Safehaven Children’s Home partnered with Murray Bridge High School, SA

School of Hope – partnered with Good Shepherd Primary School, ACT

Surgeon Primary Academy partnered with St Jude’s Primary School, ACT

St Gavin’s Academy partnered with Miles Franklin Primary School, ACT

St George’s Academy partnered with St John the Apostle, ACT

St Joseph’s Academy Nyagwekoa partnered with St Clare of Assisi Primary School, ACT

St Thomas Academy partnered with Penrith High School, NSW

Tabaka Academy – This school has graduated!

Takima Academy partnered with Sacred Heart Primary School, ACT

Vine True Academy partnered with St Thomas Aquinas Primary School, ACT